Copyright (also known as copyright ) is the right of the author of a work of literature , science or art to determine how , where and when his work is published or multiplied . This right arises automatically when creating such a work .

Initially, copyright was meant for books , but now also for many other things , such as software , movies , recorded music and visual art and journalism . The Dutch Copyright Act contains special provisions for news .

Willful copyright infringement is a crime in the Netherlands and can be punished . Imprisonment Any infringement of copyright may be reported to the police. In practice, it will rarely be undertaken unless there is large-scale intentional infringement to prosecution. A civil lawsuit is possible .

Article 1 of the Copyright Act 1912 defines ' copyright ' as follows :

" Copyright is the exclusive right of the creator of a work of literature , science or art , or his assigns , to publish and reproduce , subject to the limitations set by law . "

According to the Dutch Supreme Court in the Van Dale / Romme judgment each original creation which recognize the stamp of the author is a copyrighted work . That copyright does not always go over the freedom of expression , the court stated in the judgment of Scientology .

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